Monday, October 8, 2007

Gettysburg, PA (Mon.10/1)

Incredibly humbling to look out over these fields and imagine the more than 50,000 people who died here. The stories of the different groups who so bravely fought on both sides. Confederates loosing about 1/3 and Union about 1/4 when there massive armies collided for 3 days in July of 1863. I saw this as a kid but I don't remember much from then - I hope our boys do better. The story of the battalion from Minnesota may have been the single most inspiring and heroic act of the battle. It usually doesn't work to capture pics like this, but I want to try – take a few minutes to read them. Had things been properly decided in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, the slavery issue would have long since been determined in a peaceful way. That's hindsight.

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Poops said...

Wow, that's an amazing piece of history...Minnesotans rock!! I sure wish I could have been there with you guys for all the historical stuff during this stop.