Saturday, September 29, 2007

Philadelphia, PA (Thur.9/27)

We have grandparents for Phily!

The boys tried patching the crack with some bubble gum, but alas their help was not appreciated.

We learned a ton about Benjamin Franklin – a very likable nut. As we pondered the “high treason” the signers of the declaration were committing, we thought Benji's best quote was “We must all hang together or certainly we will all hang separately”.

I never got sick of learning all the different things that Franklin was involved with, but Frankie's house: this was a bit of a “Plymouth Rock experience” - yes quite underwhelming. It's a hole in ground that you can look down in and see some old bricks about 10 feet below your feet... Anyway, as creative as the Frankster was, I don't think he would be too impressed with this. We like Philly– but one day will do ya'

Top left: No explanation required
Top right: Benji's hole
Bottom Left: I was trying to read the monument outside the park visitor center when I noticed there were some kids climbing the back of it – so disrespectful. I'm beginning to see a pattern...
Bottom Right: Independence Hall – the old state house. The boys wanted to reenact the part from the movie “National Treasure” where Nicholas Cage and crew snuck into a forbidden area. Great...

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Linda LaFrombois said...

Hi Kim!
I finally got a hold of your blog spot and, feeling a little lonely with the boys in school, decided to make a cup of tea and visit with you by taking a whirlwind trip through all 50 of your blogs. Wow! It's been so enjoyable to see and read about all you've been up to. I look forward to reading more. God's grace and peace be with you and your family as you roll along.

PS: After a summer of dust, wind, and rain, I had to redo the family room windows. It made me think fondly of you. :)