Thursday, October 18, 2007

Gifford Pinchot State Park, PA (Thur.10/11)

We've seen 3 of the 4 major cities on our list in the North East: Boston, New York, and Philadelphia, with D.C. yet to come. I don't know if that's what inspired the boys to design their own country with several cities or not. They were a little disappointed when they asked where I wanted to live and I responded - "in the country", but I was quickly made a cottage in the country and we were all good. They had a capital city, several sports stadiums, row housing - the works!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kim, Great to talk to you! Look forward to your visit home in Dec. Sorry our call got dropped. Goodbye for now and happy and safe travel!! Alice

AUNTIE AMY said...

Wow...those sandcastle days at the lake sure have come in handy...and have the boys's skill grown!!! Looks like so much fun. I love to see those smiling faces, too!!