Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Smithsonian - Museum of Natural History (Thur.10/25)

Lions spend about 80% of their lives laying around, not watching football or day-time soaps, just laying there or sleeping. When they are in a zoo, they don't even get to run and hunt down their food, they get it handed to them, so the sleep ratio goes up even further. Wouldn't it be cool to have the antelope in the same cage as the lions? It's not more violent than football and it's legal... Well, until they develop that, the museum of natural history has some great “action”-dead-animal shots

1 monkey and 4 monkey-like animals

Contemplative Kobe

the Hope diamond – with all the hype it's pretty close to a Plymouth rock moment... yawn...

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Amy said...

Well, Amari thought the animals looked cool and said he wanted to "go there" with the Nelsons to hopefully catch a glimpse of central Africa and the grassy savanahs. Although, according to boo-bear, every time we head to Cesar and Martha's up in Andover, we get to see all that anyway. What a fascinating stop on your journey! Hopefully, the boys will teach us a little about it all when we see you!

Love ya...Amy