Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Woodstown, NJ (Fri.10/19-Mon.10/21)

Four Seasons Campground
It's the stalkers...I mean the Bollackes...

After almost 20 days of fellowship and 8 1/2 hours of traveling (5 hours of traffic--ugh!) just to be able to see this precious family, we figured we have earned some real estate on this blog. Although we are trying REALLY hard to detain them in the Northeast (and we are actually doing a really good job—having them back track to PA a couple of weeks ago and now back tracking to good 'ol “New Joi-zee”), we recognize that we will have to at some point say “good-bye” for awhile. Although we are hoping to be able to see them one more time—perhaps for Thanksgiving in North Carolina?? (Christian did put in a birthday request—November 25th—and we wouldn't want to disappoint him!! Besides, the standing score in Rodeo Golf is Graham—9, Michael—5, and Michael is looking to even up the score...) All kidding aside, we just wanted to take the opportunity to say what a blessing Graham, Kim, Levi, Elan, Shae and Kobe have been to us. Words simply cannot express how thankful we are to have met and had the time to spend with each one of these Nelsons. And for those of you who were concerned that we might be serial killers...no worries...Michael and I did try to pass as Graham and Kim 'look alikes' and make off with the kids...but we didn't have any stilts. Mission 'unaccomplished,' but we do make their clothes look good.

No, really we just want to praise God for His goodness. I think the song goes something like this:

Amazing Grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me. I once was lost and now am found, and they back tracked just for me...Praise God!

-Mike and Lisa

I can't really add to that... but I'll tag on a photo from the weekend of a paper boat on fire - going down...

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Anonymous said...

Your trip to D.C. has been neat to follow. Thanks for the halloween package, it arrived today ! Drive safe. See ya in FL. The AK Nelsons