Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Here we are!

We're up and running, sharing the story of our year adventure. In the pic, Levi and Elan are checking out the bunks in a fifth wheel very similar to the one we have on order. It was when I saw this model that I really began to picture the six of us living in one of these for a year. The four boys will have their own bedroom in the back, our living area in the middle and Graham and I (and the bathroom) up front. We plan to use the great outdoors as our main "living room."

Having secured the pickup and RV, Graham is moving on to exploring rental possibilities for our frogtown home and I am trying to nail down the nuts and bolts for school-on-the-road. If I can get a list of materials we need, I can make use of the weekly coupons I get from Borders to stock up on books over the next couple of months. We both covet your prayers in our individual duties!