Monday, October 22, 2007

Washington D.C. (Sun.10/14)

Getting up fairly early to catch the train, we made it to the 10:00 service at Capital Hill Baptist Church. Dr. Mark Dever preached an incredible sermon on Luke 20, it lasted about an hour (the whole service almost 2). This was the “old time gospel hour” to be sure, the boys thought it was a bit long however.
After church we went to the US botanic garden. I'm not a super flower guy, but this was more than that and quite amazing. The boys really liked the catwalk in the rain forest room – lot's to see from all over the world, I highly recommend it!

Notable changes since I was last in D.C.:

Little people running around on their gyro scooters (the people are actually the same size I think, but the gyro scooters are new)

Roads blocked off, Large potted plants keeping people from driving into buildings, tickets to get into the Washington monument, 6 month wait with background checks for getting into the white house, etc – signs of the times I suppose.

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