Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Grandparents in Pennsylvania! (Tue.9/25-Fri.10/5)

We were 10 weeks without the grandparents, Bo-bo and Grandpa – last seen in Spicer MN. And now, 11 days with them wasn't nearly enough. We did many attractions and sites with the grandparents and we did plenty of “nothing” with them too (biking around the campground, laundry, hanging out). In generous grandparent fashion, we hardly paid for a thing. Kim and I even got out for a date night – 3:00 until midnight just us! And the boys couldn't have been happier to have us out and have grandparents all to themselves.

They came bearing gifts (their own and the Jaramillo's) – it was our own mini-Christmas. The Minnesota support group came through big again! Driving 3250 miles to see us, thanks so much!

PS We found another counterfeit $10 bill. I didn't accept this one.

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Chase said...

finally just checked out your blog, it's great to see what you're up to!!