Saturday, October 27, 2007

WW2 Memorial, Washington DC (Thur.10/18)

The WW2 memorial is new in '04. This made me think of my other hero - my dad. After being trained as a Navy pilot, the end of the war mostly needed people on the ground. So Bud served in the South Pacific at the end of the war in the Philippines and Japan.

With over 16 million Americans in the war, this wall has 4,048 gold stars, each representing approximately 100 American deaths incurred. He had several good friends that didn't return and I have very obvious selfish reasons that I'm thankful my dad survived the war, but more than I am thankful, I am very proud of his enlisting, his service, and his bravery.

I pray my boys understand freedom and don't take it lightly.

A funny exchange between my dad and I on the phone went...
Dad: There is a program where they would pay for me as a ww2 vet to be flown out to see the memorial in Washington and fly you back all in the same day. They do require that you be able to walk the length of a football field... What are we going to be doing on a football field anyway?
Graham: Hopefully it's 2 hand touch and not tackle...

I love you dad,

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Bobo and Grampaw said...

Great tribute to your dad,Graham. Also, another set of great photos from the DC area. What a wonderful letter from the Bollackes. We truly hope to meet them someday. Enjoy your time with Ed and Amanda. Love you all a bunch!!! Bobo and Grampaw