Monday, October 8, 2007

Bird-In-Hand, PA (Wed.10/3)

In the Midwest we put Welcome mats on our door step – here in the East... Go Away – nice touch. To mix my metaphors, this wasn't the most “Kosher” Amish store.

One ad in a local paper reads:

The Amish Experience F/X Theater

Become part of the Amish story in this one-of-a-kind 5-screen experiential theater, newly re-mastered...

That's good stuff – of course there's a variety of “strictness” of Amish and plenty of others looking to make a buck.

The Amish say No to electricity, but yes to some propane and pneumatic items. No to bicycles, but yes to push scooters. No to tractors in the field, but yes to tractors and some diesel engines.

Normally photos can't capture smells but this one does catch the smell of Authentic manure being spread on the field.

While I believe they make some real misunderstandings of scripture, and there seem to be some strange and arbitrary rules that are self enforced to simplify their way of life, I do not mean to make fun of the Amish / Mennonite community. We are just past the one year anniversary of all the Amish children that were slain. We have a lot to learn from them regarding forgiving others and real trust in Jesus for loving in this world and true hope beyond it.

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