Monday, October 8, 2007

York, PA (Tue.10/2)

So many factory tours, so many free samples – but not when you see the Harley site – no free samples, just a little pin that says you took the tour, mine might as well say “I have no Harley”. I probably should have lowered my expectations.

A lot of in-house manufacturing: stamping, forging, even some plastic molding (the tour doesn't cover the plastic molding – they like to focus on the American steel). A very good tour with wireless head-sets for everyone to wear – you can hear the tour guide in a busy factory. Some 350,000 Harley's went worldwide last year... Have you replaced your Panhead, Ken?

A few years to wait for Levi

Kim, Marsha, Elan, Shae, and Kobe went to a Mom and Pop candy “factory” (as only 12 and up allowed at Harley Davidson). What a deal on chocolate covered pretzels!

Here's the hairnet-ted crew

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