Tuesday, October 23, 2007

National Archives - Washington D.C. (Tue.10/16)

The National Archives has the "Boeing learning center" where the boys all committed high treason and signed the Declaration of Independence – this doesn't exactly square with our instructions in Romans 13 but...

They have some good kid activities where you search old maps and get clues to answer some questions – it's not bad

The National Archives is most notable for containing the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. They have an excellent video on the maintaining of the Declaration of Independence.

Still relating everything to the National Treasure movie the boys liked seeing THE document. Unfortunately, they colored on the Declaration of Independence with a Sharpie marker closing the exhibit for a while.


Anonymous said...

Kobe, you look like a real detective with that spyglass!! Mommy-Kim, you have to keep those Sharpies under lock and key! Thanks for the update. We so look forward to them and especially the great photos. Love and miss you all a bunch!!!
Bobo and Grampa

Amy said...

Yeah, like Kobe needs to make his eyes look any bigger...he's got the greatest big, baby blues around! I would love to be there with you, sis, cause you'd know how to do D.C. right...all that history...like a little slice of heaven!!

stevetreichler said...

No biggie about the sharpie incident...when I was there I sneezed all over the Declaration, then used it to wipe my nose and they didn't seem to mind. They gave me a copy of the Magna Carta to finish 'er off.