Monday, October 8, 2007

Hershey, PA (Wed.10/3)

Our own little touch of Disney Land here in Pennsylvania. A huge parking lot with trolleys to take you close to the main door. An informative ride with dancing, singing cows – the whole works! Yes, free samples.

Every type of clothing and gadget you can never want. It was a good tour and experience but I don't think it would have been so during the summer packed full of kids.


Amy said...

HOLY MOLY...that's a lot of chocolate!! If only they could put grape juice in that container instead of chocolate for Shae-Shae. We've been enjoying the candy bars and peanut butter cups Mom and Dad brought back. Love you all!!

Anonymous said...


Mrs. Peterson here (Luke's mom). Did you know that Ms. Marchand and her family went to Hershey, PA this past summer?

It was fun to see the pictures.