Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Bureau of engraving & printing, D.C. (Mon.10/29)

No free samples on the Harley Davidson tour, and none at the Bureau of engraving and printing... A must see tour in my opinion.

How much are you worth in bills stacked to your height?

Some old ones they have on display are worth quite a bit more than their face value

This is how they "make" their money. They don't charge to take the tour, but the tour ends and they dump you into the gift shop and here is where we payed good money to buy their old , worthless money that has been shredded up. (p.s. kids who buy the fake money are happy but the parents who supply the allowance for the kids to buy the fake money are the ones who take it in the shorts)

Here's a picture of the new 5 dollar bill coming out in a few months - I did mention that I'm a Lincoln fan?! The big "5" is for seeing impaired - it won't be a 6 foot one as shown however...

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Paul said...

Hi Elan, Here is a joke for the day. What did Delaware? It wore a New Jersey. Happy Travels. Your friend, Paul P