Friday, November 30, 2007

Whitewater Falls, NC (Tue.11/27)

With a drop of 411 feet, the Whitewater Falls is the highest falls east of the rockies. It's a great drive through SC and just pokes into N.C. as you get to the falls.

No two ways around it, that's a big leaf.

Kobe really wanted to hike – and was disappointed that the hike was so short. The first ¾ mile was paved, and according to Kobe paved trails don't count as hiking... I guess I agree with him.

View from the 4 year olds point of view (photo by Kobe)


Anonymous said...

I have see it as well, I especially enjoyed the drive getting there

amanda said...

Hey Elan and Levi - nice haircuts! I almost didn't recognize you! Nice to see Juli in the picture too!


Anonymous said...

I'll try again and see if it works. Great new "dos" L and E. Of course, we think you look awesome long-hair- ed, short-haired or bald!!! Ten days and counting!! Love you all a bunch!
Grampa and Bobo

Anonymous said...

WOW - nuts about your new haircuts.!

Anonymous said...

Super job taking that picture Kobe Kobe Kobe Nelson