Friday, November 30, 2007

Clemson Tigers Basketball, Clemson, SC (Tue.11/27)

OK, I'm a Tiger fan now – what a great place to watch a game – especially center court 6 rows back (yeah... that's one row in front of the school president). ACC / Big10 challenge (often not a good outcome for the Big10) – very fun to go in “Solid Orange” and cheer with the crowd.

Corey is the guy on the left... not really, but going with Corey is an experience as well – he might not have the big orange cowboy hat and painted face, but he's lacking nothing in team spirit. What a fun team to watch and a fun person to watch it with.

Eeeking out a win... it was a 3 point game decided in the final minute. Here's a video clip at a time-out during the last minute – I miss seeing Gopher games at the barn.

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