Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanksgiving, Charlotte, NC (Thur.11/22)

Thanksgiving is a HUGE holiday for the Boraas/Larson clan (Kim's family). We have enjoyed tremendously the yearly tradition of gathering for a two day feast and sleepover either in Fargo, Fergus Falls or Cold Spring. This year God provided the Bollacke/Menino/Nuccitelli crew in Charlotte with a number of "firsts"...

Never before attempted at Thanksgiving:

-eating stuffed artichokes with dinner and tiramisu for dessert
-running the air conditioner
-bringing dirty laundry (literally this time)

I introduced myself as the guy who pulled up with leaking Diesel fuel on their neighbors driveway (I didn't have the gas cap on tight – it's a locking gas cap which can be tricky – at least that's my excuse – then the auxiliary tank which drains into the main tank overflowed through the loose gas cap... ouch!). I was concerned about my kids possibly making a mess or asking about “uncle Bill's” toupee, or something embarrassing like that. But No, it was me. I can be my own worst enemy sometimes.

We were able to meet the rest of the Bollacke family, it was obvious Mike and Lisa were from good stock. Incredible food with a German / Italian bent – it was like an exotic (not too exotic) feast!

I was really late getting the camera out and didn't come close to capturing the food and fellowship or even the host and hostess.

We had to “sneak” back into our campsite after hours as the gate locks at 6:00 pm (we just missed it by about 5 hours). We used the emergency code which ranger Rick wasn't too excited about the next morning... You hate to use the “better to ask for forgiveness than permission” too much, but...what can I say? Thanksgiving with the Bollacke family was an emergency!

Mike schooled me – took me 2 straight games. Life time Rodeo Golf score now at G12,M11


Bobo and GramPaw said...

Always fun to "see and read" what you are up to! Almost the end of November which means that the middle of December is getting closer. Shae, Bobo says "YIKES" to the green snake.
As you know, she has no problems with snakes of any other color. See you very soon!!

Anonymous said...

This is a special THANK YOU to the wonderful Bollacke's & your extended family for all you have done.
Your hospitality & love toward our 'travelling Nelsons' is just amazing!
What a blessing.
We'd love to have you come & stay with us on your next trip to MN........bring your laundry.!!!
Love, Bud & Ardy