Friday, November 30, 2007

Casons, Lawndale, NC (Fri.11/23-Sat.11/24)

A visit to the Casons' - More southern hospitality!

They took us out for wings. 125 wings to be exact! From mild to “curl-your-toes" spicy, all but a handful were devoured.

Lisa is getting her painting business going. Here's what looks like trim molding, it's not. Other items she showed us in her portfolio had amazing depth and texture – some requiring 10 or more steps to complete. Wood grains, granite, you name it, she can paint it! She is truly talented!

Running the numbers, Kim and I determined that we would be able to live nearly debt-free in North Carolina on Casons' property. The house is already built with low payments. It does require a paint job, but as we already know, Lisa is an expert painter. I like out-buildings – this is out-building #12 I think (others are not it as good a shape... sorry Tim, it's true).


You know how kids hit those great growth spurts, well, what happens when boys do growth spurts for 4 consecutive years? You get Dallas and Jesse.

Our boys got their video game fix while we were there.

In Tim's spare time, he's making a little camper for two. The payments were too high, that's why we have our eyes on Outbuilding #12.

Getting a Cason family picture was a fun experience – Below is a bit of the sequence of pics that I took as they were pulling it together. These were not rapid fire pictures, but over the course of a minute or two – it was hilarious!

Thanks, Casons, for letting us come and crash at your place and treating us / feeding us so well. It was great to see you all again.

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Anonymous said...

Greetings Nelson family...

I have enjoyed reading through more of your trip adventures. It sounds like such a gift of time together. Tom and I have been reading (When the Games is Over) It All Goes Back in the Box by John Ortberg. You are living out some of the concepts that he writes about.

God's blessing on you today.

Know that it is COLD in Minnesota. Our first blizzard is hitting today. We are tucked away indoors.

Hugs across the miles.

Sue (Peterson)