Sunday, November 11, 2007

FDR / Korean War Memorial (Mon.10/29)

FDR Memorial

Well, in contrast to Lincoln's political views... we did see the FDR memorial.

Elan pretended to be the tour guide -- it was scary how well he did while knowing nothing about it.

Elan was still pretending to be the tour guide at night in our camper and Kobe pulled a toy gun on him to try to silence him and Elan, without missing a beat, states “please hold all comments, questions, concerns until the end of the tour – Thank You!” This makes me think of 2 things: 1) Yeah, maybe we've had a bit too many tours in the past 3 weeks. 2) I'm glad we don't have any real guns handy around the 4 year old.

Korean War Memorial

Including the few things that I've recently looked up on the Internet, I know so little about the Korean war. 54,246 US casualties. Unfortunately, I'm a contributor to it being called “The forgotten war”.


Anonymous said...

we laughed ourselves silly on this one

Anonymous said...

Did Elan the tour guide mention that the granite at the FDR Memorial came from the Cold Spring Granite Company? Hopefully his mother was aware of this information regarding her hometown!

Susan Mary Agnes

Nelson said...

Soup -- dang! I guess I didn't know that. Your secret sources at the granite company showed me up. Thanks for stopping by! Miss you