Sunday, November 11, 2007

Supreme Court, Washington D.C. (Wed.10/31)

(by Elan) As usual, we (mom, Levi and I) took the metro into the city. We quick walked to the supreme court and got tickets. We waited in line for 10 minutes until we were all let in. After going through security, we went into the courtroom. We waited 15 minutes and then a woman banged the gavel and said “all rise.” Then the nine justices all entered from behind tall red drapes in the front of the room and sat down. Chief Justice John Roberts sat in the middle with the rest of the justices on either side of him. They introduced the case – interestingly enough, the case involved the Minnesota court. It was Danforth v. Minnesota. The justices looked very official and important in their black robes and serious faces. Danforth's lawyer began the argument. My best summary is that the US Supreme Court could only look back to a certain extent and the constitution and federal law did not say anything about how far a certain state could take it back. After the arguments, we went downstairs to get drinks to go with our packed lunch in the cafeteria. It was cool to eat where the justices eat lunch too. We also went to the gift shop.


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