Sunday, November 11, 2007

Reluctant Donations of the last month...

We donated our umbrella. I had been thinking about my Umbrella – It's a Kodak umbrella. A custom umbrella made by some in the graphic arts crew. The umbrella was nice and big, the almost over sized type. It proudly displayed the various graphic arts products on the outside and then, on the inside was the product I worked on... the DryView graphic arts processors. Very cleverly, the DryView product was on the Dry part of the umbrella. I was going to make a short blog on this as I've always referred to this as the best thing that I received from Kodak. Well, we left it in one of the rooms in the Smithsonian. It was right at exit time so we couldn't search all the rooms. Lost and Found will send it to us, right, well, someone has a very nice umbrella in D.C. So if you see someone with it, just tackle them – don't ask any questions just assault them and I will award you with many thanks. Sigh, that's my shower-thoughts coming out again.

A camera is easy to replace, unlike my umbrella, but you know... wait, who cares about that umbrella?, it's just an umbrella. The train gobbled up our camera. Ouch! I hope it went to a good home as we got off the train and left it for the next person to find. Filling out the official lost and found form was as a last ditch effort.

Another "donation" this past month included a $270 laundromat bill. This includes the cost of a new glass door after a son aggressively “knocked” on the laundry mat's front door with his foot to get his brother's attention. He had his arms full of laundry so of course needed to “knock” with his foot... $270 (+ the cost to wash and dry 5 loads of laundry) ouch!

(Sorry no photos... sigh)

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