Sunday, November 11, 2007

Mount Vernon, VA (Tue.11/5)

I polled the family... our favorite George Washington factoids / Mt Vernon sights are:

  • George had his horse shot out from under him twice

  • He can do his own remodeling / house add-ons (Mt. Vernon seriously upgraded twice)

  • Cool 4D kinda video (the seat vibrates when the canon's shoot, fake plastic “snow” falls from ceiling – which by the way Kobe missed a fair part of the video as he was looking straight up catching the “snow” in his mouth, if there are medical problems in the future maybe we can point back to that day when he ate the “snow” at Mt. Vernon)

  • President Bush was meeting w/ French President Sarkozy the next day at Mt. Vernon

  • Seeing the bedroom where he died and his tomb

  • Upcoming National Treasure 2 has a scene or two shot at Mt. Vernon – the cellar door Nicolas Cage kicks in is fake and was built just for him to kick in – did we say we're National Treasure groupies

They didn't let you take pictures inside the house... maybe that's how they keep you coming back and sell the annual tickets, all in all an exceptional visit.