Sunday, November 11, 2007

National Cathedral, Washington D.C. (Sun.11/4)

We made it into D.C. one last time... and with the Leberts. We had to walk a bit from the nearest train stop to the cathedral. As you approach, the immense stone structure dominates the area and appears to get disproportionately bigger and bigger as you come up the walkway.

There were a fair number of people in the Cathedral. Some praying, some singing – practicing for a coming event, but most were just quietly, respectfully moving about viewing this amazing building. The top right photo shows Elan and Shae in front of this very ornate wall with images of Jesus, Mary, dozens of Saints – the gang was all there. Kobe comes in and states in a very loud voice “Oh, this is where they come to worship idols”. We all laughed without looking like we were laughing. These images can help people to worship and they can be idols. From the mouth of babes... I guess it mainly shows how this Christian family hasn't been to too many overly ornate churches.

The cathedral is worth seeing as is the elevator ride to the “top” which explains a bit of the building of this behemoth.

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