Thursday, November 15, 2007

Leberts, D.C. & beyond (Wed10/31-Sun11/4,Sat11/10-Sun11/11)

What fun to see our friends Ed and Amanda on our trip. We live 2 blocks away in St. Paul and now run in to them in D.C.

We had a bit to work through as the dogs were loud when we were gone and the boys were loud when we were there (sorry about that, guys). I pray we weren't too much of a stress-riser in their apartment. Even so, we had a great time seeing them again and doing the Zoo, Cathedral, Smithsonian Air & Space, Skyline Drive, dogs vs Shae tennis ball chasing, plenty of “Hand and Foot” card playing and just hanging out.

One of my favorite pics of this great couple, It's the pocket size Leberts – they are each just under 4 feet tall you know...

Thanks, Leberts! See you in Seattle!

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amanda said...

Oh Nelsons! We love you so much! What else can we say?

Ed, Amanda, Digory and Shelby