Sunday, November 11, 2007

US Capital (Fri.10/26)

Karin Moore, an old church acquaintance, works for congressmen Dan Lundgren on the hill. She arranged for us a VIP (using the “I” loosely) tour of the capital.

The center of the capital is marked with a star which is the center of D.C. All of D.C. is arranged in respect to this point.

Look who I found in the capital...

We were able to sit in the gallery of the House chamber (not in session), but no camera's are allowed. A great tour -- thanks, Karin! We also enjoyed a delicious lunch together and some catching up at a Chinese restaurant just a couple blocks away.

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Poops and Mom said...

Mom and I want to know how you really feel about Honest Abe? Nobody brings a laugh out of me quite as easily at 10:30 p.m. Kimmer, I can't believe how curly your hair is!!! It's beautiful!!! And the smiles on those boys...December can't come soon enough!