Wednesday, February 20, 2008

White Sands National Monument, NM (Fri.2/15)

We went out of our way a bit to see the White Sands. We did not see the Trinity Atomic test sight nor did we get any Trinitite (glass from the heat of the blast), but we saw the big sand dunes of New Mexico.

They move eastward about 30 feet a year so if you're patient you could see the caves and white sands at the same time or maybe the caves will be filled with white sands by then, well anyway. In addition to my “stop continental drift” campaign maybe we'll take this one up as well.

Chaos Captured

Throw me again dad!

Kim met 4 sisters... 3 still living in Minnesota – pretty cool. We did not capture the video of them spinning down the dunes, however.

Gravity, boys & sand


Anonymous said...

I am one of the 4 sisters you took the picture of at White Sands. Sorry you missed us rolling around in our bare feet! Thanks again for taking our picture - it is nice to have. I've enjoyed reading your blog.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kim, Graham and boys!
I am one of the sisters from Minnesota also. I have gone back and read your entire blog - what a fantastic adventure your family is enjoying! It was special that day at White Sands. I especially enjoyed your comments concerning the rodeo since we do raise beef cattle, horses and have seen many rodeos. They are still one of the few, true athletes - they only get paid IF they win. Take care, enjoy the remaining few months and God Bless!
Jeri (from Comfrey)