Saturday, February 2, 2008

Space Center Houston, Houston, TX (Mon.1/28)

The boys were excited to touch a piece of the moon.

Space Food – dehydrated ice cream, yeah you can get better tasting food, but you can't pay more...

Shae wants to be an astronaut, not deterred but rather encouraged by the danger... sigh... but who doesn't want to be an astronaut.

Shae with his new Astronaut hero's

Luckily the moon is lighter in space than it would be on earth

The big butt of the Saturn rocket

The boys really liked Space Center Houston - I have to agree, it was fun and entertaining. We spent about 4 hours there but would have preferred 6 or so. Even so, it was enough time that it delayed us getting to San Antonio and our campground's 10:00 curfew - so we spent the night in a Walmart.


Anonymous said...

I bet the boys loved that place...I can definetly see Shae-Shae becoming an astronaut. Hey Graham, I was just wondering if you were able to try any of the dehydrated dumplings. I'm pretty sure they keep them near the dehydrated cream-and-bread.

Love and miss you all...Amy

Anonymous said...

We just saw the boys 'swing video'& Bud says, "Shae would make a good astronaut, he wouldn't have any trouble docking the shuttle to the ISS"
we're in GA heading back to MN ..... brrrrrr
stay south of the Mason Dixon line !

Nelson said...

No Amy - I didn't see those items but I think they are in the dehydrated sister-in-law section.