Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Berryhill's - Norman, OK (Tue.2/5-2/12)

It's been a while since little Ann Marie and little Levi were buddies playing in Minnesota. Well, we've got 9 kids together now. The game - find a picture with less than a dozen people in it... Where's the 11 passenger van?

We made Ice cream with Elan's new maker (from Bollacke's), went to AWANA...

saw Ann Marie play Violin at a band concert.

out for Pizza on OU campus

I enjoyed visiting Dr. Berryhill's office, getting a little glimpse at the crazy life that leads him...err that he leads...

I had the chance to tell my story of the brain hemorrhage with their church small group. It was especially meaningful to tell the story with Wayne there as he was a very important part of the story – working at the hospital when I was carted right by him unconscious. Wayne not only was a great source of information who interpreted the other doctor's words, but also was involved in encouraging the doctors to do surgery that first night when they were contemplating not doing anything. After Wayne told the chief resident that they had to do surgery, the resident asked “What do you care?” and Wayne replied: “He's my friend.” I've told the story many times, but I hadn't heard that part before. It means a lot to me now to be called "friend" and it meant my life to me to have Wayne encourage surgery then. Much thanks to Wayne and praise God for him!

OU paraphernalia -- thanks Berryhills!

We love the Berryhills! Thanks for being such great hosts - it was wonderful to connect again!


Berryhill Clan said...

We love The Nelson's too! Thanks so much for coming--what a great time! We still miss you!! Caleb wants to know if you'll be back for his birthday. Thanks friends!

stevetreichler said...

I'm so glad that God put your friend there that night... We are blessed to have you around, Grammer!

Anonymous said...

We are so very grateful to you Wayne & Stephanie.
May God continue to bless you.!

Anonymous said...

what a fantastic picture of the 'N-Boys' in their red shirts.
Wow !