Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Fort Worth Stock Show, Fort Worth, TX (Fri.2/1)

My cousin Jason and his son Brady met us at the rodeo. The only time I use the camera on the cell phone is when I leave the real one at home... Instead of 200 pictures, we have 2 of the rodeo.

The opening ceremonies went like this.

*Starting out with a prayer in Jesus name... you know you aren't in Minnesota anymore
*Celebrating the 6 flags of Texas (Texas under Spain, under France, under Mexico, as a Republic, in the Confederacy and finally as the 28th state of the USA)
*I wasn't sure if we were going to pledge allegiance to the Texas flag or not, but we ended up with the star spangled banner to the US flag – I'm convinced it could go either way depending on who you talk to...

Having never seen a rodeo, we didn't really know what to expect, but there was a good variety of rodeo events:

I liked watching the flock of kids running down the calves. Some of these kids would leap to grab a tail, then get dragged for a while. If they got help from a friend then they would come out pretty good otherwise: point cow.

Another family favorite was the monkey riding the border collie – he's on the rodeo tour I guess.

They end with the big bull rides of course. Did you know that the bulls have their own trading cards?

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