Saturday, February 2, 2008

Houston, TX (Fri.1/25-Mon.1/28)

Welcome to Texas. There are many places where you only see the Texas flag flying.

They pledge allegiance to the Texas flag at school (after the pledge to the U.S.) – In MN, the pledge to the American flag is on its way out, here they pledge to Texas!

From Friday night to Sunday night these 4 were constantly together – Levi & Elan reunited with Jordan and Elijah!

Ripsticks are the latest toy introduced to us by the Pearson's.

Elijah giving me my first lesson

The Pearson family (-Alex)

Sunset at our campground north of Houston


Anonymous said...

It is Thursday night so Bobo and I are at the PC lab (Monday is the other night we are here) and enjoyed your latest blog updates.
The boys looked happy to see their Texas friends. Have a great time at the Berryhills' and see you very soon! Love, Bobo and Grampaw

Anonymous said...

It's fun to get updated on your blog. What fun experiences! And the history!! Tell the Berryhill's hi from us and have a great time with them.
Carol O.