Tuesday, February 26, 2008

AZ fam&friends (Sat.2/16-Tue.2/26)

Uncle Al & Aunt Nancy – part time Minnesotans, part time Arizonans

Fountain Hills is very beautiful and appropriately named with lots of hills and one big fountain. We got to see Al & Nancy's great place with an even better view. When Al's not biking or playing disc golf, he's probably hiking. He took us for a few miles through great scenery. After hiking we drove, getting a quick tour of the town. One highlight in the town (other than the fountain and the disc golf course) is Maytag Matilda. $50k for this horse made of junk – we like it. For this neighborhood, that's $50,000 well spent. We worked up an appetite to have pizza back at their place. Thanks Al and Nancy!

Maytag Matilda

Uncle George and Aunt Janet

We often don't get to see our family in western Minnesota – so meeting in Arizona seemed like a good alternative. With seven grand-boys of their own, they were incredibly patient with our crew. They took us out to Organ Stop pizza for fantastic music and good pizza. Thanks George and Janet!

Uncle Gary & Aunt Jane

Not much for pics, but we sure enjoyed Thumbs-up Gary and M&M Jane. You could hardly keep the kids from jumping all over them. Boys, Gary is not a jungle gym! We got to see several softball games as Lee and Gary are on the same team. We love you guys and we love how our kids love you guys! Thanks Gary and Jane!

Gary at talent show

Vern & Karen

Our good friend's family is like, well... family. Vern and Karen were very hospitable as we gave them a couple hours notice before we crashed their joint. We got the tour of their two places – even getting to see Brent's old room – well Brent, things can only get better, after having the closet for your bedroom. Hope to see you in Minnesota. Thanks Vern & Karen!

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Jesse said...

Hi Graham and family,
It was good to meet you the other night at Sam's Club in Yuma. I was looking at some of your posts and your trip looks like a lot of fun! Our family has considering doing some traveling around the country as well. We'll see if we ever get around to it. As I was reading different posts, I read something about someone having some story about a brain hemorrhage. It sounded interesting. I would like to hear it if it's not too personal. I don't know if we told you, but we don't actually live in Yuma. We don't even live in Arizona. Florida is home for us, and we come out to Casa Grande on business every now and then. When we met you we were just passing through, on our way back from the dentist in Mexico. From what Graham said and from some of the posts, I just assumed that you guys are Christians. If I'm incorrect then you are welcome to correct me. Well I'd better get going for now, but if you guys would like to email me, my email is below.
Again, it was good to meet you,
Jesse Mockler