Monday, February 18, 2008

National Cowboy Museum, Oklahoma City, OK (Fri.2/8)

You'd think that going to a rodeo in Texas and we'd have all the cowboy we'd need for the year, but noooo.... we went back for more.

All about cowboy life: Barb wire, Saddles, roping, old town setup, guns, Westerns and their actors, lariats, lassos. The history is all here. The first tag line as you enter the museum is that no one story can tell the whole story.

Though they talked about the hard life, I think the appeal of being a cowboy for these boys is the illusion that a cowboy doesn't really grow up, doesn't have to take showers AND you get to shoot guns. Can you beat that?

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Heather Scufsa said...

I think the cowboy picture could be your Christmas photo for the serious looks!