Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Potters Creek Campground, Canyon Lake, TX (Tue.1/29-Thur.1/31)

North of San Antonio is Potters Creek Camp ground. The deer rule this campground – at least 6 big bucks and dozens of other deer ran through our campsite.

We also found a couple big snakes that were sunning themselves. Looking up some information on snakes, I learned that I do not care which snakes are poisonous. If you eat a snake and it makes you sick, then it's poisonous, but if a snake bites you and you get sick, then it's venomous. As we are not planning on eating any snakes... well, interesting and all but I now don't know which snakes are poisonous or venomous.


K Klapoetke said...

...and if the snake bites you and you eta the snake and the snake gets sick its a poisonous-boisonous-venomous snake.

...and if you eat the snake while its biting you and you felt sick before hand, but the bite cures you, so you eat the snake and then you both feel sick its a poisonous-boisonous venomous-krenomous noodleous-poodleou fox in sox sir!

Anonymous said...

Ah et a snake once. Yep, in CO for our Crusade staff trainin'. A fellow hiker kept yellin' that he was trapped by a skunk by a cliff, and we dunna wanna help. But when we figur'd out he was sayin' snake instead, anoder feller hiker shot that rattler. We et it, we did. Guess it wadn' poison. Tasted lak chicken ya know, but much better with the fritos crumpled on it--salt, I guass.