Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Grandparents, Mesa, AZ (Sun.2/17-Wed.2/27)

Kim and Mars in front of the big Class A – sweet ride (although there was no riding for the Nelsons or Boraas' – just lots of eating, card playing, Price is Right watching, sleeping, etc.)
We partied in here – special celebrations prepared by Bobo & Grandpa for the Jan, Feb, Mar. birthdays. They took the boys mini golfing – only needing to lift a boy over the fence to retrieve errant golf balls a couple times -- Kim and I had a date night.

It's pretty fun playing Catch Phrase with Shae as he is still learning to read so he doesn't always get them right:
*Actual word: Governor, Shae trying to get you to say: Garden
*Actual word: Sid Caesar, Shae trying to get you to say: Second Chance
*Actual word: Rapier, Shae trying to get you to say: Rapids
*Actual word: Vietnam, Shae trying to get you to say: Vermont
*And our favorite: the hint is “ I like it but it gets stuck in my teeth” Actual word: Beijing, Shae trying to get you to say: Beef Jerky

We went to church at the “center” two times, and that's how we know when we've overstayed our welcome as we have to wear our same clothes again (our only Sunday clothes).

No matter the weather (we did have a few cool days), the boys wanted to swim. Luckily, they didn't discover there were TWO open swim times per day until a couple days before we left! Grandpa and Dad were the regulars in the pool with them.

We played a lot of card games in their RV like Hand and Foot, 31, golf, chase the ace. One or more of the boys was always up for a game of something with Grandma Bobo.

Lee played a lot of softball: 2 to 3 times/week – what a nice way to spend a few of the coldest winter months. It's fun rooting for “grandpa” at his games as it covers almost everyone on his team.

What a great time with Bobo and Grandpa: when seven days wasn't enough, we made it ten, which wasn't enough either - lots of pure grandparent time! Thanks so much for your love and hospitality!

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Anonymous said...

We love all the pictures of the Grandparents & Grandboys enjoying each other & making memories !