Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Arizona Hiking (Sat.2/16-Tue.2/26)

Mountains! I'm a mountain guy (mountain man has some connotations I may not be able to live up to). We got a number of hikes in the Phoenix area: Usery Regional park: “Wind Cave”, Merkle nature trail, Lost Dutchman state park, Tonto national forest – Saguaro Lake

The boys love hiking... well most of the time. If the trail is paved or even dirt that is too uniform – it doesn't count as true hiking for Shae and Kobe and thus they are suddenly too tired to move. If it's small, twisty, and especially if it's dangerous, then they run and argue over who's going to lead the way.

2 of the truths I've learned, and believe necessary to good living with boys, are

#1) what doesn't kill you makes you stronger

This is an old one, that of course isn't always true, but it's close enough.

#2) Bleeding is good – it heals the wound.

I reviewed these rules with Mars/Bobo before our Lost Dutchman hike and we were actually able to put them in action.

If you saw the report that the boys did on desert plants, the Chain Fruit Cholla was one of the cactus that were featured. Shae went off the trail (and it was already a small trail) ran right into one of these guys.

Shae by his arch enemy

It stuck through his shirt and stuck into his belly, then detached from the rest of the plant. A great protective move for the cactus but a bad move for Shae. As I pulled on his shirt, I was amazed how hard it was stuck through the shirt and into Shae's skin. After removing the main part from Shae and his t-shirt, the 2nd phase began of removing the individual spikes from Shae's belly – at least a dozen or so. After some initial hysterical screaming, Shae did quite well and held still for Mars and I to pluck them from his skin.

after Shae stepped on the section that was lodged into him

We still like hiking. Shae did vow to never go off the trail again – though I know he's forgotten the vow, he has some memories of the Cholla to be sure. I believe that he is #1) stronger and #2) the wound was cleaned – another hiking success.

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Auntie Amy said...

What beautiful shots!! Poor Shae-Shae. I can't imagine looking down and seeing a section of plant firmly stuck to me...man, are these boys gonna be tough! It's fun to imagine being there with you guys, seeing the sights, smelling the desert air, exercising on some awesome trails....is it too obvious how ready I am for spring?