Friday, April 18, 2008

Zion National Park, UT (Wed.4/16)

The Canyon View hike is one of the first you come to as you enter the park. With a great view frequently comes a mom about too nervous to enjoy it.

For the afternoon, Mom, Shae and Kobe did a ranger's program and a couple hikes around the valley. Dad, Levi and Elan did Angel's Landing. This was the best hike I've ever been on. I snapped the photos but Elan wrote the story below.

Zion National Park was one of my favorite National Parks. Amazing rock formations carved from the Virgin River: Zion Canyon. Tall and magnificent cliffs of rock seem to touch the sky. One in particular, called Angel's Landing. Pretty name, right? Well the hike and the name are very different!

Me, Dad, and Levi, the hikers, took the challenge of this strenuous hike. It started out on a sandy trail following the Virgin River. The first ascent was fairly easy. Then, well, it's like this: If you cut open an anthill, there would be a network of tunnels going up and down. Except for us, it was only up. Whew! Hard work! After we finished that part, we went to an area where it seemed like we'd only gone 20 ft up. How demoralizing! Finally we arrived at Walter's Wiggles. Backtrack after Backtrack! About every step to the side was a step up! We were then at the place where the wimps turn back, and the brave (foolish!) go on! Now, I'd never forgive myself If I didn't go, so what could I do? Levi described the upcoming part, (the real Angels Landing) like this: “ A key of rock, you go over one hump, then there's another. And another. And.. well, you get the point. We climbed so close to the edge (an immediate drop 1500ft drop) you were clinging to the only thing that kept you from falling: the chains. I was very, well, petrified! At the top (which I can't believe we made it to) the view was so spectacular! I wish I'd have brought my camera! When you looked down, the road was no wider than your pinky! The wind was the only factor, which made it pretty cold, considering I only had a long sleeve! I can see why they call it Angels Landing. If I were an angel, I'd want to land up there.

the pics: Canyon View and Angels Landing


Heather Scufsa said...

Gorgeous pictures! What a hike and great writing, Elan!

Enjoy every moment!

amanda said...


What a great narrative! I really enjoyed it. You guys are very brave!

Mary Ann said...

Elan -- Great job on the writing. I felt like I was with you on the hike. Looking forward to reading your next piece!

Mary Ann FOTR

Norm said...

Wow - I can't believe Graham was able to keep up with you boys. However, I did notice he was only in one picture, and close inspection revealed a suspicious shadow angle. Clearly it was cropped! I was very impressed with the narration Elan! You writes more better than I does already! I'm writing on the 23rd - Graham's b-day right? I'm so old I get these things mixed up sometimes -

I pray all is going well Nelsons-