Sunday, April 27, 2008

Grand Canyon, AZ (Thur.4/24-Fri.4/25)

We made it to the Grand Canyon. The Campground, just 2 miles outside the main gate of the park, is expensive and pretty dumpy. The water had very little pressure when we got here. The water in the bathrooms wasn't working at all for the first day, $1.50 for showers, beat up picnic tables, the whole thing. They are pretty brazen about it, saying how they still fill it up 'cause of the location. A little more competition would do wonders for this place. Even so, we're thankful to be here.

my lens isn't close to wide enough

We checked on gear rentals (tents, backpacks, etc.) - prices are a lot better than buying new at their outfitter store where it's 2 to 3x. We are planning to make it to the bottom sometime during our stay.

Some fun facts from our “River to the Rim” Ranger talk
*3 ½ hours = the average time spent at the Grand Canyon
*95% of people never go below the rim
*>99% don't make it to bottom of the canyon
*5 million / year visitors
*#1 asked question (yes it was my first as well)... How many people fall over the edge?

Answer: 5/year die falling over the edge, but with a little bit of smarts he assured us that we can beat the odds (most victims are 22 – 35 year old males (I just turned 37 – so I'm already ahead of the game))

haven't fallen over yet...


Anonymous said...

What incredible pictures...I've never seen the Grand Canyon in person, but am hoping to maybe see it if we fly through Vegas on our way to Long Beach this summer for Aliah's Nationals. Can't wait to hear about the hike down. You guys are true outdoorsmen!!! Hope you and Kobe have fun doing something special together, Kimmer. Love you all and BE CAREFUL!!! Auntie A

Anonymous said...

We're just crazy about the moonlight pictures, very unusual. & how cute of Kobe biking along with Kim closing the gap !
also loved the laundry story... wonder how it will turn out.