Friday, April 18, 2008

Glen Canyon Dam, Page, AZ (Tue.4/15)

Enough cement to make a 4 lane road from Phoenix to Chicago - it's a big boy. Glen Canyon dam regulates the flow of the Colorado River before it enters the Grand Canyon -- as it does, it creates Lake Powell, which has more shoreline than the entire west coast.

We enjoyed the Glen Canyon visitor center: a couple movies and lots to look at. It was too windy for a tour today – they didn't want anyone getting pushed off the dam. It was that windy. The boys enjoyed leaning into the wind with their arms out and their eyes closed (because of the sand) which would have been a bad combination at the top of the dam I suppose.

Elan, Shae and Kobe completed a junior ranger program and were sworn in for the badges again. We've got to work on knowing which hand to use. I think Kobe holds up his left hand as it's the thumb that he sucks – it helps dry it out a bit.

After the visitor center, we drove over the bridge and hiked around for a while – one organized hike (using the term loosely with our crew) and one spontaneous hike.

We went back to the visitor center to see one more movie. “Leave only foot prints” they say – that's what we did when Kobe emptied his shoes on the floor at the Dam movie.

It's all about power (1320 megawatts to be exact)

On our way home we took a back road to see the location where Gunsmoke was filmed. This one's for you, Grampaw!

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Anonymous said...

It's hard to imagine that the scenery could keep getting better, but it certainly seems to be. Graham - you are right on. How can you top an "Old West" town (or at least what is left of it)? Great picture!! Love you, Bobo and GramPaw