Thursday, April 10, 2008

Leberts, Seattle, WA (Sat.3/29-Mon.4/7)

It's rained a lot. I suppose you get used to the rain, but who wants to stick around and find out. It sounds like getting used to Minnesota winters – now what have you accomplished? Boston and New York both get more rain annually than Seattle but Seattle allows you to spread out a nice afternoon shower into a week long event. No thanks. With that complaint behind me, we greatly enjoyed Seattle, but mainly because of the Leberts.

The boys were addicted to the “Wii” and Portal (actually I was a bit addicted to Portal).

We played plenty of cards (Twins on in the background) with the Leberts as we had the Wii as a babysitter. Hand & Foot was the game of choice but the guys were smoked by the ladies 5 games to 2.

I was excited to go to Mars Hill and hear Mark Driscoll preach. The music was very... I'll call it edgy, but it's more than that, or maybe it's a Seattle sound. I'll never listen to “Come thou fount” the same again. A bit distracting as I'm not used to it, but it was good. The preaching was up my alley with a new series started on Theology – what Christians believe. One thing that I was really impressed with was the children's program. There were hardly any kids in the downtown church branch (one Sunday Shae and Kobe were each solo in their class) but they had a great program with worship time for the kids.

Seattle has lots of dogs, more than kids I've heard. But I don't know if that's right, my local count has us with 4 kids and the Leberts with two dogs. We went to a dog park and laughed out loud as Digory showed off his swimming skills. He would paddle as hard as he could to try to keep his head way out of the water.

Thanks, Leberts, see you in Minnesota in a few months.


Mary Ann said...

Perfect witty comment about Seattle's rain. I've emailed to my Seattle-aholic -- can't we move there after the Grand Adventure 3 year trip -- husband.

Thanks! Mary Ann FOTR

Anonymous said...

I've been following your trip since we met you in New Mexico (I'm one of the MN sisters!)and have truly enjoyed your many sights and educational comments. My husband "thinks" he saw you on the weather channel one day this past week (April 7-11). Is he right?
Jeri (from Comfrey)

G Nelson said...

We've been IN the weather, but to my knowledge we haven't been ON the Weather... at least as far as I know (and I think I would know, but then again I'm not your average clueless guy - I'm above average clueless guy). We did just go through some snow and I was thinking of MN winter or spring they call it - hang in there, June is supposed to be warmer.