Thursday, April 10, 2008

Klondike Gold museum, Seattle, WA, (Fri.4/4)

Seattle was known as the gateway to the Klondike gold rush. From Seattle, people could take a boat up to Alaska and hoof it from there. One in five that left for the gold actually found any.

Here's the boys spinning the wheel. The yellow sliver represents the probability of striking it rich. The blue section for those who found any gold at all. The majority, orange, didn't even make it and most of these lost their life. Ah, the lure of money.

A good place for an hour or two. I didn't really know anything about Klondike gold rush before coming.

Our prospecting family

Trivia question: is Kim laughing or is she sucking a candy?. Place your vote?


Anonymous said...


it's a sucker cuz Kobe, Shae & Elan are all holding suckers.
(I love this trivia stuff)

Anonymous said...

Candy, for sure! It is Kim, afterall!

K Klapoetke said...

thats the sort of face you make when you're trying not to laugh because you don't want to spit out your candy. So its a trick quiestions, she's doing both.

G Nelson said...

Klepoetke is right, She's laughing trying not to spit out her candy knowing that I'm taking a picture and it's likely to look funny making her laugh more.