Sunday, April 27, 2008

Grand Canyon, AZ (Sat.4/25-Sun.4/26)

Levi, Elan, Shae and Dad went to Skeleton Point – getting our first look at the Canyon from under the rim.

The whole family repeated part of the route, making it to “Ooh, Ah” point.

It's so hard to get everyone to look for a picture

With money from the grandparents, the boys are equipped with Camelbaks to be a fully hydrated family. Kim spotted a few people taking pictures of Kobe...

We got the permits, we got the gear – the plan is to be heading down by 6 A.M. Tomorrow (ouch, that's early).

We heard the I-Max show wasn't very good, but we went anyway. We really liked it. Having low expectations probably helped. So we suggest that you go see this crummy film... and you'll love it! It had plenty of wet your diaper type flying scenes – which is what everyone is really looking for in an I-Max show. Kobe was a little disturbed by the Mountain Lion scene, but we made it through.

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Anonymous said...

Incredibly beautiful pictures, Graham! Wow!! Even with pictures, I am sure the "personal" views are more impressive. Bobo and I are looking forward to talking to all of you later today after you get back to the top. Love you, Bobo and GramPaw