Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Lake Mead area, NV (Sat.4/19-Wed.4/23)

The sunsets are smoggy/hazy, but the moon rises were excellent.

There is a nice bike path along much of Lake Mead – though we only visited a small portion which brought us to the visitor center.

We went to see the dam at night, but it was difficult to get a good view.

We met our campground neighbors (from Switzerland), great people, as we were leaving. I shut off the truck, we toured their camper and them ours. It was really fun, I wish we had met them earlier, but we had to get going. We were thrown off our groove a bit, though -- we drove about 100 miles before realizing we left two loads of laundry (plus detergent and $10 in quarters) at the campground. After running the calculations that it would cost more to drive back than replace the stuff, Kim called the campground. They checked that the clothes were still there and since some of the towels weren't dry, they added a couple quarters and agreed to use the remaining money to pay to send the stuff on. Deal! A double dose of helpful, friendly people.

Lake Mead is very pretty though it looks like the bathtub after our boys have been in

Off to the Grand Canyon (and get an address for our laundry to be sent to).


Mary Ann said...

It's funny when its more expensive for gas than it is to abandon the laundry. I cover my eyes when I fill up lately! Why is diesel so much more than gas??

About the kindness of strangers, the longer I'm on the road (and the less I read the daily news), the more I'm charmed by the goodness and genuineness of our fellow travelers.

Mary Ann FOTR

G Nelson said...

In June, we payed a low of $2.65/gal. I made some over/under estimates for the trip budgeting, that have been pretty much blown away. I don't know why it's so much more than gas - it's cheaper to make at the refineries. Higher demand I guess. It hurts to be sure.