Sunday, April 13, 2008

WA, OR, ID, UT (Tue.4/8-Wed.4/9)

We had the opportunity to drive in a little blizzard (no sympathy expected from the Minnesota folks). I had to take an exit to adjust the headlights down – otherwise all I was seeing was snow falling (very pretty but every once in a while I like to see the lines I'm trying to stay between).

2 long travel days in store for us to get to Utah. We review states, capitals, and Presidents on travel days – the boys know them quite well... yeah!...better than dad does... sigh...

Cruising through Idaho

When Shae was looking at the US map, he explained “Alaska should not be part of the US, It should be part of Canada. It's way up there!” “And Hawaii that should be part of... of... the Pacific Ocean!” He was convinced we should have 48 states and these stragglers just did not belong.

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