Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Mariners, Seattle, WA (Wed.4/2)

The first major league game I saw was a Mariners game in the Kingdome (located where the Qwest Field is now, just beyond Safeco).

Safeco Field is quite the place – with great sightlines, real grass, plenty of seating, and a retractable lid. $517 million spent building in '99. Cost overruns of about $100 mil. have yet to be settled I believe. Safeco isn't a great name though it does sound like a Safe Co., but with revenue of $1.8M / year for 20 years I'd take on a goofy name too. All the joys that the Minnesota Twins have coming to them.

It didn't rain during the game (which is amazing in and of itself), but they shut the top of this behemoth anyway. It reduced the wind and made things a bit warmer so we didn't complain.

Silva was pitching for the Mariners and I believe he pitched the last MLB game that we saw in Minneapolis last year. I wasn't expecting a win, just lots of run being scored off Silva. Silva shut them down and the Mariners got the win (I guess past performance is not indicative of future results). We enjoyed the game and our 8 hot dogs and walked back to the Leberts. It's nice to know someone in walking distance.

Up 4 to 1 to start the 9th – we made our way out

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