Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Antelope Island, UT (Fri.4/11)

Antelope Island is accessed by a causeway extending well out into the Great Salt Lake (a bit of false advertising as we didn't see any Antelope).

We planned on biking (Shae still has his rubber band on his right pant leg), but the biking was not what we were expecting. It was either hard core mountain biking or go along the road with no shoulders. We stuck to the hiking.

Plenty of rocks to hike on – a boys' paradise

A number of buffalo crossed the road in front of us. Previously native to the area they were brought back a few years ago. There are hundreds of these oversized cows on the island that are rounded up once a year to inspect and to sell some to other ranches.

One of my duller ideas went like this “Hey boys you should at least touch the great salt lake before we go”. Normally the concern is someone(s) falling in and getting wet – not to be so lucky this time. The boys hit the mud at high speed and suddenly paused with the same surprised expression.

Nobody touched the water, but the smelly, slimy mud was covering the boy's shoes. Ending process: apologize to mom, place shoes in bed of truck, lift boys into front of truck. No one to blame but Dad on this one. A bit of a rough ending to a great time on Antelope!

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