Thursday, April 3, 2008

Eureka, CA, (Mon.3/24-Thur.3/27)

Fine, I'll just tell you. The pictures from the last blog are of Cindy (that's the only answer you get). We went to stay with Juel's grandmother – at least that's how Kobe knows her. Thanks, Cindy, for loaning your mom -- and kids, your grandmother. We had met grandma Fran just once in Minnesota, but that was good enough for us to “stop in” for several days.

Fran with Axel surrounded by 'da boys

the boys appreciated cozy warm beds in a house that doesn't move

Fran's Eureka laundromat – where we received free laundry service and even free quarters making mom and kids very thankful

A swim in her steamy warm pool

The highlight was definitely being with Fran, but we did get to see a little bit of Eureka as well. I apologize to Eureka residents, but I'm going to sum up our brief tour of the town with this one picture of a fisherman. Not fair I know... but we did like the big metal fisherman guy

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