Saturday, September 8, 2007

Boston, MA (Tue.9/4,Fri.9/7)

Freedom trail

We did a split shift for the freedom trail, doing Freedom trail version 0.5 on Tuesday and finishing it on Friday. We all learned a ton as we really did most everything the trail had to offer.

Shae and Kobe's really liked the cemeteries, mainly because the were envisioning a scene in the movie National Treasure. As they got a little rowdy, I pictured the irony of us being the first family to get arrested doing the freedom trail, sigh...

Walking with young boys is not unlike walking a dog, not because you have to take frequent bathroom stops at the most inopportune times – though that is true, but in that the total amount traveled by the kid is much more than that of the adult... This is a natural thing and even kind of cute, but the net affect of this is dad carrying the little energy-depleted boy for blocks at a time.

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Amy and Mom said...

Thanks for the update, summary-to-date, and great pix of Boston. Brought back memories for me and Mom from our trip years ago. It still kind of stings to think about being referred to as a "little fella" twice on that trip, but I'll deal.