Saturday, September 8, 2007

Boston, MA (Wed.9/5)

We were able to see Kim's mom's cousin Julie and her family (my brain hurt trying to explain the relationship to the boys and why Julie didn't know my uncle Eldon). They live an incredible home in a great neighborhood south of Boston. Unfortunately Peter wasn't there and the visit was too short, but it was great to see the house and 3 wonderful girls.

Our friend Julie, who is not related to Kim's mom's cousin Julie, lives right in the heart of Boston.

3 stories tall, narrow but surprisingly roomy, Julie's row house is connected to 3 others and about 9 inches away from the next row house on the block. The back yard requires no lawn mower but provides a nice patio space.

With Julie's contact with drug rep's – she supplied “us” (the Kim part of us) with pens, paper pads and one stuffed stomach (Kobe hasn't quite warmed up to the stuffed stomach yet)


Anonymous said...

Hey you guys,
Boston's cool. I remember following the freedom trail with Graham and Kim and Levi when he was like 6 months old. It was neat to see a pix of Julie B. Love ya guys. Tammy and all the AK Nelsons

GramPaw said...

Spesh KiGLESKo,
Graham, notice descending order by age! It is so much fun to keep "track" of you through the blog. Mom and I are getting more excited to see you as the end of September draws nearer. We hope you continue to have such fun and educational times!!
Love - GramPaw

The Bollacke Family said...

We love being able to check on all of you through your blog. I don't think we need to mention how entertaining it is as well!! PLUS...we know you are getting nearer!! Wondering where you have been since Wednesday...=)

God bless you all,

The Bollackes