Saturday, September 1, 2007

Mt. Washington, NH (Sun.8/26)

Mount Washington, at 6288 feet, is the highest mountain in the North East US. We delayed our assent 2 days in order to go on a clear day. The meteorologists here are on par with the rest of the nation as the day we went, visibility was near zero, and it was windy and rainy. The beginning of the hike is relatively flat and Shae, with his short legs, was slowing the group.

The steeper it got, the better Shae did. As we were climbing with hands and feet, the last 1 ½ hours, we were just trying to keep up with him. It reminded me of Lance Armstrong – nobody beats him in the mountains – it's a power to weight ratio thing. Levi and Elan did super as well – it was a great climb! At the summit...

Mom doesn't climb mountains but she packs great snacks!
This pile of rocks is called a cairn -- a trail marker for terrain above tree line.

We didn't have to hike down as Kim and Kobe drove the truck up to meet us at the top. Incidentally, we saved a few denari hiking as the cost of driving to the top dropped on the private road from $42 (if everyone went up in the truck) to $20 (Kim and Kobe).

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