Saturday, September 1, 2007

Bar Harbor, ME (Mon.8/27-Fri.8/31)

At the beach, the boys once again went in the frigid waters (this time the Atlantic Ocean at Sand Beach in Acadia), dad dipped his toes in and said have a good time. It wasn't even wet-suit material, it was dry-suit material – but the crazy rascals with no body-fat enjoyed it, of course.

We just about had the boulder pushed off, but using my better judgment (this should quiet some of my critics who say I don't have any), decided to leave it there for others to admire. We learned from Ranger Rick that a glacier accidentally left this boulder here about 15,000 years ago – pretty cool.

The highlight of our time was meeting two Christian families – the one family from Connecticut we were able to spend a good part of the day (and evening) with. What an awesome time of fellowship! The kids all enjoyed each other, we had a great combined dinner over the fire – a true blessing as we were feeling a bit away from friends and family. We hope to hook up with our new good friends in New York. Michael, Lisa, Christian, Hannah, Rebekah and Sarah.


Amy said...

It's good to see you boys took after your auntie Amy as far as mountain climbing. Takes me back to my trek up Pico Bolivar (just ask Rob to translate the Spanish) in Venezuela...although I didn't see any of you crying out of fear you'd freeze and die on the mountain.
Did you all eat lobster? What a delicious looking meal!! Wish you could pack some of that up and send it to us in Blaine! Your pictures are so beautiful. Love you all and miss you like crazy.

G Nelson said...

Oh, Amy -- we're cracking up. Yes everyone tried lobster -- only Levi had seconds. That was fine with Graham and I! We've got to scoot to grab the commuter train back out of Boston -- write again soon!

love, Kim